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Louisa May Alcott is her Passion

9 Jan

Early last month, Dec. 4 to be exact, Pub set aside a few hours to meet a blogger whom she has following since we began Suffragette Kitty. Her name is Susan Bailey and as the title of her site declares, I am her passion.

Susan loves torties, especially chic rescued ones who channel her favorite author.

A few days earlier Pub was hanging around my former home, The Orchard House, and she saw a flyer posted about Susan. Susan would be reading from her new book, ‘Louisa May Alcott, Illuminated by the Message’ (2016 ACTA Publications), at The Barrow Bookstore in Concord Center.

It is no small coincidence that the setting of Susan’s reading was purchased more than 100 years ago by my nephew Fred Pratt. It is still in the family.

For the past few years, Susan has been compiling pieces of my writing from journals, letters and published works and comparing their meaning with Scripture from the 2013 edition of ‘The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition.’

Full disclosure, Pub is not the most religious person on the planet. This, however did not prevent her from thoroughly enjoying Susan’s reading. Her reading was wonderful! Susan shared her thorough research along with personal anecdotes, many of which were quite humorous.

Pub and I often curl up together and enjoy Susan’s insightful book. It is truly uplifting.

Pub was especially thrilled to meet in person a blogger we have both enjoyed. That is a rare treat.

If you haven’t checked out Susan’s site already, we strongly recommend you do. There you will find some things you will never find here at Suffragette Kitty, such as sophistication, organization and clean copy. You should also find a link to purchase your own copy of ‘LMA, Illminated by the Message.’

Make sure to tell Susan Louisa May Alcatt sent you.




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