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Trouble in paradise?

13 Mar

Hello SK friends,

Sorry for the long absence, especially now with March being Women’s History Month.  Naturally, we have many excuses and this time one valid enough to share.

Scrabble and I have been a bit down lately as MAD and My Pub grapple with trust issues.

MAD broke it to her gently.  He cheated on her.  He couldn’t help it.  She was not around so he gave into the urge to finish binge watching Season 2 of House of Cards.  He did not stop there. He began watching Season 3.

All behind her back.


Who can you trust?

They’re going to try and work things out this weekend, and Scrabble and I hope they do.  What will happen with us if they don’t?

Will we have weekend visitations with MAD? Will we be split up? I’m guessing Scrabble will go with Pub because he doesn’t shed and she hates vacuuming.  Where will we spend Christmas?  Thanksgiving? National S’mores Day?


Scrabble and I are going to chew on this for awhile. I know it looks like I’m chomping on his head, but we’re actually embracing. This trauma has brought us closer together.

Any suggestions on how this can be sorted out are welcome.


LMA & Scrabble

P.S. Sniff, sniff 😿

P.s.s. Not for nothing, but my little sister May Alcatt was Daniel Chester Frenchs first sculpting teacher.  DCF sculpted the Lincoln Memorial.

P.s.s.s Corbis said we could use his photo of MAD and My Pub.  Doesn’t she look hot on dots?


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