Shots all around for my birthday!

28 Jul

Hey Suffragette Kitty fans! Friday, July 26 was my birthday! I turned 3.


The day started off like any other day despite the importance. MAD went off to work so he could pay for my cat camp and cat food and other kitty sundries. Then my publicist came over (without a gift, I should add) and mentioned something to me about “birthday shots” I’d be getting the next day.

Wow, were MAD and my pub taking me out for shots on my birthday? I have never done shooters before and was wondering how well I would tolerate snakebites, jello shots and whatever else they placed before me.

Saturday came and MAD and my pub packed me up in my camp bag. I was very excited. I was going back to Camp Fresh Pond, where I stayed when MAD and my pub were out of town. Apparently they arranged a party for me with all my new camp friends.

Camp Fresh Pond is in the back of a pet store, so I knew for sure MAD and my pub were going to buy me a live pet mouse for my birthday. I’ve been wanting one since my nemesis Nina got one. She lives in NYC, and like many other cats in the Big Apple, she gets a live pet mousie to play with every single day. Live mice often come built in with the apartments in NYC, kind of like storage and a doorman. Those NYC kitties lead the life.

Don't you think I would provide a loving home for a pet mouse?

Don’t you think I would provide a loving home for a pet mouse?

But, MAD, my pub and I walked right by the live mice for sale. I said nothing because I thought maybe they already had one packaged up beautifully for me in the back, where all my camp friends were waiting in their party hats for the birthday girl to arrive.

Once in the back, however, MAD stopped at the vet, not Camp Fresh Pond. What was this? They were holding my surprise party here? Oh well, I said, just go along with it and act surprised.

I got the surprise of my life when someone in blue scrubs, followed by someone in a white coat started poking me with needles! Ouch! Were these the shots my pub was referring to? How deceptive!

I was not loving my Birthday Shots.

I was not loving my Birthday Shots.

I needed a few minutes to calm down from the shock of it all. There was no cake, no friends from Camp Fresh Pond and no live mouse to take home. What kind of birthday celebration was this?

I thought my pub could make some of it up to me by buying me a new dress, so I picked out this little red number from the PETCO/Martha Stewart collection. I could so rock it. But my pub didn’t agree.

I would have so rocked this!

I would have so rocked this!

“Red gingham!” she exclaimed. “You are Louisa May Alcatt, not Daisy Duke.” We agreed to wait to see if the Fall 2013 collection includes something more dignified, more fitting for a suffragette. She does not want me to be getting a reputation.

This bird told my pub to her face what he thought of her.

This bird told my pub to her face what he thought of her.

(The back story is, it’s all about money. My pub’s a little on the frugal side. The birds at PETCO saw right through her. They kept chanting, “cheap, cheap, cheap,” while she was there.)

Back at home I was beginning to feel that my birthday celebration was somewhat of a disappointment. But then MAD and my pub held me and gave me a birthday dinner of savory salmon. My pub explained later that the shots are good for me. They will keep me healthy. This is in contrast to the other kind of shots, which she last had in Chicago on her 28th birthday.

Shots may be fun at the moment, she told me, but they really put a damper on the next day. She did not want dampers on any of my days.

Tonight, she said, is the real celebration. Nanook, the big white dog downstairs, and his  parents are coming to the apartment for dinner. Nanook had a birthday this week, too, so we will celebrate together. I don’t think we’ll be doing any shots, but maybe I’ll get my live mousie!!!

xo, Louisa May Alcatt


3 Responses to “Shots all around for my birthday!”

  1. Carol Jamison July 28, 2013 at 9:39 am #

    Oh Ms. Alcatt,

    I am so glad MAD and your publicist take such good care of you! Happy Birthday, Ms Alcatt! May it be full of fun and salmon treats!

  2. Nina from Bay Ridge July 29, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

    Happy Birthday, Louisa!
    My pet mouse and I wish you a happy birthday!

  3. A Rhythm Runs Through It July 29, 2013 at 5:51 pm #

    You are so sweet LMA! I am glad you got a special dinner and your pub is RIGHT those “shots” really are good for you! and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Meowdiva!

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