Those NYC cats lead the life

18 Jul
I am chasing a bug around the kitchen practicing for when MAD gets me a live mouse to play with.

I am chasing a bug around the kitchen practicing for when MAD gets me a live mouse to play with.

Hello Suffragette Kitty fans,

Well, I am home from Camp Fresh Pond, aka Cat Camp, where MAD, my dad, dropped me off. He and my publicist went off to visit my nemesis, I mean niece, Nina the cat.  Nina lives in Bay Ridge with her parents WHDH and the guy with the girl’s name, henceforth TGWTGN.

At first, I was a bit upset because I wasn’t invited to visit my old hometown, where MAD and WHDH were celebrating birthdays. I felt I was being dumped at cat camp instead. But Camp Fresh Pond turned out OK. We had s’mores with roasted catnip and took long catnaps. I made some new friends for nine lifetimes, too.

I had so much fun, that I booked my cabin for another week later this summer. I hope MAD and my publicist find something to do with themselves while I’m there.

This time they occupied themselves in the Big Apple taking in a Broadway show called “Once.” They walked around Times Square, chowed down on noodles and haddock (one of my favorites) at an Asian restaurant in Chelsea. They all had a wonderful time. And, they unanimously decided that when “Cats” comes back to Broadway, they will take Nina and me along. I hope that outing includes a stop for haddock.

After a great night at the Big Apple, they went back to Bay Ridge and hung out with Nina, who between you and me, is a little spoiled. Not only does Nina have her litter box positioned with a million-dollar view of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, she now has a real pet mouse to play with.

WHDH and TGWTGN never stop indulging Nina. I tell you, those NYC cats are living the life. I’m not sure when Mousie moved in with them, but it’s not fair that Nina gets a live rodent to chase around whenever she wants.

As for my home entertainment, MAD buys these cheap little felt made-in-China things that are shaped like mice, but they’re not. Worse, they are pink and purple –  not real mousie colors at all. And, they don’t run. But they do hide, sometimes for months at a time under the refrigerator. I asked for a real mouse, something like Nina has, (Nina has everything) but MAD said, “No live rodents in the apartment.”

If I want a live pet, I guess I have to make due with the bugs that sneak in when my pub leaves the porch door open for too long. (something MAD never does.) Very sad, I knows. So, here I am pictured chasing a fly – aka, the unloved cat’s mouse –  around the kitchen. Maybe someday, (sniff) I’ll get a live mouse to play with.

xo, LMA


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