An early morning walk … A late afternoon drive …

18 Jun
This is just like MAD's Citroen 2CV6. His isn't pictured because my publicist has to smudge out the license plate number first. Next time.

This is just like MAD’s Citroen 2CV6. His isn’t pictured because my publicist has to smudge out the license plate number first. Next time.

Good news!

MAD got the Citroën 2CV6 Special running!

It didn’t look good last week, when he went to start it up. Measures got so desperate, that he took leave of all of his senses and actually asked my publicist to come out and help. He quickly pulled himself together and sought help from Nanook’s dad, who also has some funky foreign motor car under wraps in the driveway. Nanook is that huge white dog with bad table manners who lives downstairs from us.

Their results were no better, btw. But a few days ago a box arrived from Belgium with funny looking parts inside. They made MAD very happy. He took them, a tool box, some of Nanook’s dad’s tools, a magnet, a kabob skewer (he dropped a screw into a tight place) and Voilà!, the deux chevaux turned over.

It was time for the first ride of the season and my publicist was very excited. She loves riding around in the the deux chevaux. Her job is to wave at all the people who honk at it, or pull up beside it and ask questions. It’s really a cool looking car, and we don’t see too many of them on the streets of Boston. At full throttle, the deux chevaux has almost as much horsepower as an electric toothbrush, so everyone can get a good look as it putts on by.

In Henry's words.

In Henry’s words. This window dressing quotes HDT: “An Early Morning Walk is a Blesing for the Whole Day.”

“An Early Morning Walk is a Blessing for the Whole Day.”

The pace also gave MAD and my publicist an opportunity to look around, and guess what they saw? Check out this quote plastered on the side of a building at the busy intersection of Market and Washington streets: “An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” My Henry wrote that in his journal on April 20, 1840, probably following a walk around Walden Pond. Here it is splashed across a window front in the middle of a bustling city.

This made us all very happy. We love to see Henry David Thoreau’s words of wisdom displayed for all the world to see and heed. We couldn’t stop to snap a photo just then, (MAD’s confidence in the kabob skewer was evidenced in his placing jumper cables in the backseat. So my publicist did not think MAD would view a “walk” just then as a “blessing.”)

But we went back the next night with the practical car, and my publicist got out and took this photo, which she admits is not excellent, and this rainbow, which she caught sight of just a few short steps away. It’s amazing what you see when you slow down.

A rainbow over the city, just a few steps away from Henry David Thoreau's famous quote.

A rainbow over the city, just a few steps away from Henry David Thoreau’s famous quote.

So, as always, my Henry is right. A walk – any time of day – is a blessing.

May you all find time to take even a short walk today.

xo, LMA


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