The Marathon Memorial and another (low-key) woman of note

6 Jun
My publicist and her SIL visited the memorial to the Boston Marathon victims.

My publicist and her SIL visited the memorial to the Boston Marathon victims.

Hello everyone!

My publicist, her sister-in-law who came in from Chicago, and I are winding down from a great weekend here in the Boston area. We stopped by Copley Square to see the memorial to the Boston Marathon victims, (very moving) had a quick lunch at an outdoor cafe on Boylston Street, (yum!) rode the Swan Boats (such fun) and bought some intellectual reading at the Harvard Coop. (A lot of alumni were in town, but no sightings of my Henry David Thoreau or MattCatt Damon.) 😦

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, and I made a new friend. The SIL and I hit it off quite well. She’s a Cub’s fan, like MAD and truly appreciated the Ernie Banks poster across from my litter box. By the final night she and I were curled up together in MAD’s guest room. Can’t wait for her to come back.

In fact, she’d make a good entry in SK. Besides being married to my publicist’s brother, which takes a lot of patience, SIL is a mother of three busy kids, owns and operates her own business, travels the globe to run marathons, is starting year two of a three-year PhD program and takes in stray cats. As if that’s not enough, she has the most lovely personality. You want to hate her but you can’t. She’s is just proof that all of us are capable of so much.

On the subject of Stray Cats, I want to update you on Nala, who I featured here last month. She has found a home. I highlighted Nala, a sweet little cat who spent the past few years living with two students from Johnson & Wales University. The school year was ending and neither gal could bring Nala with her. We wrote about her plight here in hopes of securing Nala a happy home.

Nala found a home.

Nala found a home.

While that post remains the most popular so far on Suffragette Kitty, it did not yield a permanent home for Nala. A criagslist posting did. Now Nala is living happily with a young girl and her mom in the Providence, RI area. My publicist and I are thrilled the college gals didn’t give up trying to place her and we hope Nala’s new home is as welcoming as mine was over Christmas when I arrived in the Boston area from Brooklyn.

That’s it for today, SK fans. We hope you have a wonderful rest of the day.

xo LMA


3 Responses to “The Marathon Memorial and another (low-key) woman of note”

  1. Sheila June 10, 2013 at 12:53 pm #

    I’m happy to hear Nala found a home! Also happy that you had a fun weekend. You just reminded me that I’ve never taken a ride on one of those swan boats.

    • louisamayalcatt June 10, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

      Sheila, We highly recommend you do so. We haven’t done it in years but for some reason, it took on a new dimension as two adults.

      In fact, my publicist suggests she meet you there some time this summer. She’ll treat, xo LMA

      • Sheila June 10, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

        that would be great! xo

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