We need to address the water crisis

22 May

Hello SK fans,

We’re going to donate today’s post to my mission, or should I say MattCatt Damon’s mission, to provide everyone, and that’s everyone, access to clean, potable water. As I’ve written here before, an unspeakable amount of the global population, hundreds of millions, cannot just get up and pour themselves a glass of clean, healthy water. That same number has no sanitary way to go to the bathroom.

MattCatt Damon, another Boston-bred Harvard man like My Henry David Thoreau, teamed up with http://www.water.org to alert the world of this serious, life-threatening problem. The limited water supply also requires millions of women and girls around the world to sacrifice their physical health and time that could be used toward education, employment and just enjoying life. Instead of attending Pilates classes, high school or playing with their children, these women and girls are forced to dedicate hours each day securing and lugging gallons of potable water for basic family needs.

Think about it, ladies. When you’re spending your time and energy hauling gallons of water around, you become exhausted. Compare it to carrying multiple gallons of milk at a time from the car to the kitchen. Isn’t that a pain. The task our sisters endure leaves little time for relaxation. No wonder so few have the energy to round up women for the vote that could oust the toxic politicians who created and ignore this crisis.

I realize that many of you are unaware of the serious conditions around the world through no fault of your own.¬† Just last week, my publicist was chatting with her sister-in-law, who is one of the most intelligent, and kindest, woman she’s ever met. The SIL even graduated with tremendous distinction, like valedictorian, from a prestigious university, and holds a job that demands tremendous skill and brains. Guess what, the SIL never knew that toilets are nonexistent in some parts of the world. She thought she misheard my publicist when she said that toilets and toilet paper (arhhh!!) are not standard equipment everywhere.

No one can blame the SIL. She did not know about the water crisis because no one really talks about the severity of it. It’s not a pleasant subject, but it’s a real one and my publicist and I think we should not just be talking about it, but doing something about it.

My publicist posted a video here by MattCatt Damon. It features Bono, Olivia Wilde and Sir Richard Branson, all of whom have joined the pledge to clean water. If you do nothing else today, watch the video and learn how severe this problem is. It is an absolute disgrace that today, May 22, 2013, millions of people are denied access to clean water. It’s almost like saying millions of people are denied access to air.

I guess you see where I stand on this issue. You can, and should, follow MattCatt around on Twitter, (he loves a good stalker) so you can read the daily updates of his progress. @water. You’ll find me among his loyal followers. Please tell your friends and followers as well. This is a solvable problem, especially if we all work together.

I look forward to hearing about the success of our collective efforts.

xo LMA


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