Every Woman’s Fantasy Surgery

28 Mar
Carol keeps up the strength

Carol keeps up the strength

Today, we’re going to focus on Carol, one of my biggest fans. Tomorrow, March 29, is a big day for Carol, as she is scheduled for the ever oxymoronic-sounding “Fantasy Surgery” around 6 a.m.

“What is ‘Fantasy Surgery?’” my publicist asked her.

It’s a phrase Carol heard coined by her husband’s co-worker. He mentioned recently that his wife was having what we all hope is the fifth – and last – plastic surgery following a two-year medical marathon that began with a routine mammogram. That’s the ‘surgery’ part of the definition. Fatty tissue will be nipped from the muffin-top region and used to round out the new tailor-made breast. The ‘fantasy’ part of the equation is that insurance pays for the new bikini bod!

 In fairness to Carol, she’s already paid the price. Back in April 2011, she had “mammogram” written down on the day’s “to do” list, along with things like, pick up milk, pick up kids, finish taxes. You know the kind.

So, at the appointed time, she stopped by the local breast imaging center and leafed through a few magazines while waiting for her name to be called. When it was, Carol went in, chatted with the technician while the brief test was conducted, then returned to the waiting room as her results were read.

Instead of getting the go-ahead to carry on with the day’s list of things to do, Carol was pulled aside by the staff and told that they saw something they did not like. A needle biopsy was followed by an incisional biopsy, which was followed by the dreaded statement, “You have breast cancer.”

Fortunately, Carol is married to a wonderful man and together they created a loving, supportive family. Friends and family were there for her as she underwent grueling treatment, which included a mastectomy. Making the best of what could be a horrible situation, Carol chronicled her illness, treatment and family life in a  blog published in the local newspaper, My Life On the C List.

She has also taken a more serious look at wellness, and makes it a point to watch nutrition and works out regularly with Sarah, her trainer.

It’s a great blog, that my publicist and I look at, especially as it features lots of felines. Carol and her family foster pregnant cats for the local animal shelter and help bring the new kittens into the world. How can you not love her? So, today, join me in wishing Carol the best as she deals with the worst.


2 Responses to “Every Woman’s Fantasy Surgery”

  1. Carol Jamison March 28, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

    Thank you, Ms. Alcatt, for your kind words!

    • louisamayalcatt March 29, 2013 at 7:35 am #

      You’re very welcome. Hoping all goes exceptionally well today, xo Louisa

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