They want to make a movie about ME!!!!! LMA!!!

17 Sep

Yes, yes, yes, this is presumptuous, but don’t you think it’s great that Annie Leibovitz is part of this project? How do you think she’ll have me pose for the publicity shots?

In a tub filled with milk ? No, that’s so Whoopi Goldberg, plus I’m lactose intolerant.

Racing in red stilettos? Too late, Carl Lewis already rocked a photo in heels.

Nude and pregnant? Not happening, that shelter I was in in Brooklyn shut down the kitty factory for good. My Pub said that’s out for her, too. Hey, who’s said she’s getting any part of my fortune and fame??

I’m just excited I’m going to be photographed by Annie!! Can’t wait to see what she has in mind. Meanwhile, enjoy the video and these Annie originals, xo LMA




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