The verdict is in …

30 Jun 20140630-125107-46267305.jpg

And it’s exactly what we did not want. Early this morning, while half the west coast was still asleep, our Supreme Court Justices ruled that qualifying family-owned corporations can modify their mandated employee health plans to reflect their religious beliefs.

That means that women who are insured through the plans of Hobby Lobby and Constego Wood Specialties Corp. may be denied health coverage for prescription birth control practices their employers deem unethical.

Hugely disappointing.

These women can forgo birth control, pay out of pocket – anyone know the average annual salary of a Hobby Lobby employee? – or get their birth control at Planned Parenthood.

But wait! Just last week the same set of Justices said Right-to-Life protesters can greet prospective patients at the doors of Planned Parenthood and other facilities that offer free and affordable health care to women.

Besides offering annual exams, Pap smears and breast cancer detection services, some of these facilities perform abortions. The Right-to-Lifers believe that gives them the right to bombard patients with chants of “baby killer” and graphic posters of bloody, dead fetuses. My Pub has witnessed this first hand and it is horrible.

No one should be called a murderer while securing birth control. Apparently women covered under certain employer health plans will now have to endure such harassment.

It isn’t right.

But it’s the law.

And a very disappointing one.

Posting from a mobile device, so apologies for typos, etc. and especially for a disappointing ruling from our highest court.

Next post will be fun stuff, promise, xo LMA


This photo is from the Web, but resembles a typical day outside the Planned Parenthood facilities in Boston. They call themselves “sidewalk counselors.” Yeah, right.

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