MAD and Me on the Mend

17 Apr



Me and MAD on the mend.

Me and MAD on the mend.

Hello and welcome back to SK. I am happy to report that I think I will survive my near-death starvation experience of last week. MAD and My Pub have both been around, refilling my food dish at regular intervals. I’ve even had the added bonus of lapping up the water from the tuna can, as MAD adjusts to his restricted diet.

On the subject of MAD, I should add that it appears MAD will survive, as well. I kind of forgot that he was inconvenienced, too.

Today, he was doing some work from home, papers strewn all over the dining room table. In the kindest of gestures, he left his Bluetooth device within my reach. Naturally, this meant he was gifting it to me. I’ve had fun batting it around the apartment. Now neither of us can find it. I’ve never seen him so devoted to searching for one of my toys before.

My Pub came out on top, also. She and the wife of MAD’s hospital roommate have so much in common – besides sick significant others. They are now Facebook friends. One can never have enough friends.

All-in-all, acute colitis has served us well. I think everyone should try it.

That’s it for now. Check back in later for a post on one of My Pub’s favs, Lucille Clifton. She’s working on it now, xo, LMA


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